The Link For Freedom Foundation campaigns to assist Iranian supporters of the third way, achieve peaceful democratic change for the better in Iran. These organisations are in turn supported by International Parliamentarians, current and former Ambassadors, and Military Organisations familiar with events on the ground in Iran and the wider Middle East.
Key documents
Key documents

Camp Ashraf September 1st attack by Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki's Golden Division soldiers.  Warning:  distressing images

This link below leads to:
  1. first person witness video of the Ashraf attack filmed by the residents
  2. a timeline of the attack assembled by Colonel Wesley Martin, Colonel, U.S. Army, (Ret.)
  3. Wesley Martin's testimony to the Canadian Parliament on 5th March 2014
  4. an inventory of supposed protection equipment at the camp
  5. the original 70-page Perseus detailed and researched independent report of the attack entitled:  INDEPENDENT  REPORT ON THE EVENTS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2013, AT CAMP ASHRAF, IRAQ

1.  1st September 2013 Massacre at Ashraf

2.  Anniversary Human Security Centre (HSC) Ashraf Followup Report issued 1st September 2014.  (A copy may also be found on the first link if this URL becomes unavailable.)


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