The Link For Freedom Foundation campaigns to assist Iranian supporters of the third way, achieve peaceful democratic change for the better in Iran. These organisations are in turn supported by International Parliamentarians, current and former Ambassadors, and Military Organisations familiar with events on the ground in Iran and the wider Middle East.
About LFF

About LFF

Link for Freedom Foundation was formed in 2013 to coordinate the activity and amplify the voice of ordinary people in support of the Iranian Resistance, led by Maryam Rajavi and her 10 point plan for a free and democratic Iran.  

A large part of our effort, has, until recently, perforce, been on keeping safe the Iranian women and men under siege and attack in Ashraf and Camp Liberty, Iraq.

However, since their successful relocation to Albania in September 2016,. we can now focus far more on the real issues - the appalling human rights situation in Iran and the interference of the regime in the affairs of the region, especially Syria and Iraq, and their export of terrorism, to the whole world.

We have a Twitter account. @LinkForFreedom and a website which is currently being upgraded. We support their efforts to get the United Nations, the US and British governments, and the European Union to fulfil their obligations and stand on the side of human values.

We have now created this Facebook Group so we can participate more actively in all the great happenings in the FB community relating to Iran and the Middle East.

If you would like to join our organization itself, Membership is £50 per year - donations always welcome to help us in our mission. You can join or donate via our website,

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