The Link For Freedom Foundation campaigns to assist Iranian supporters of the third way, achieve peaceful democratic change for the better in Iran. These organisations are in turn supported by International Parliamentarians, current and former Ambassadors, and Military Organisations familiar with events on the ground in Iran and the wider Middle East.
International Participants

Alternative view of the PMOI/MEK

 As you surf the Internet, or talk to people, you will often find a very different view expressed of the PMOI/MEK and their supporters.  We list some major sources of this (mis)information here so you will recognise them and be able to make up your own mind on an informed basis.

 National Iranian-American Council (NIAC) - Main contact Trita Parsi

 Iran-Interlink - set up by Anne Singleton and her husband, Massoud Khodabandeh

 Human Rights Watch - 2005 report

 Rand Corporation - 2009 report