The Link For Freedom Foundation campaigns to assist Iranian supporters of the third way, achieve peaceful democratic change for the better in Iran. These organisations are in turn supported by International Parliamentarians, current and former Ambassadors, and Military Organisations familiar with events on the ground in Iran and the wider Middle East.
Why the RAND CORPORATION Report is wrong
- RAND: "...repatriation to Iran is appropriate..."
So why did Iraqi military forces in July 2009 ... open fire on unarmed men and women?”

- RAND: "...they were combatants who had engaged coalition forces in battle."
US Govt 26 July 2004: "[W]e have determined that they were not belligerents in this conflict ....”

- RAND: “All RAND monographs undergo rigorous peer review to ensure high standards for research quality and objectivity.”
The Report's official contact James Dobbins advocates the repeal of sanctions and engagement with the government of Iran.

- RAND: "The Rajavis initiated ... policy changes that transform(ed)... the... (MEK) organization into a cult."
RAND used this word (cult / cults / cultic) 60 times. Surely a record for a publication by a federally-funded national security think tank?

- RAND: Appendix C presents a timeline illustrating ... its (MEK's) major terrorist activities." ExecutiveAction: "
More than half of the monograph focusses on ...repeating long discredited claims about (MEK's) leadership and history … absence of critical materials … dubious citations."

See UNRELIABLE EVIDENCE below for more detail:

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