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May 02 2015
IRAN: Refer the UN Resolutions to the Security Council

IRAN: Refer the UN Resolutions to the Security Council

Campaigning alongside the NCRI and British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, we are asking you, our Link for Freedom campaigners, to lend your voice to a highly compelling call to to persuade the UK Government refer the Iranian regime of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his government to the United Nations Security Council - see press release at:

"Why has this not happened already?" you may ask.  Well firstly, there have actually been 6 Accepted General Assembly Resolutions between 2008 and 2014 and 7 UN Situation Reports, each required by one or more previous Resolutions.  All of them minutely detail this regime's repressive activities.  General Assembly Resolutions can only carry influence which can be ignored by undesirable regimes that choose to do so. However Security Council Resolutions carry the weight of international law, and these are rather less easy to ignore by a regime, and certainly cannot be ignored by governments around them without them also breaking international law.

Next, Human Rights Resolutions are hard to get through the UN Security Council 15 Permanent Members because of high abstention rates in the wider membership and risk of vetos on the day.  Unusually, and for the next 12 months, all 5 Permanent members of the UN Security Council, UK, USA, France, China and Russia, as well as Germany, the  +1 - as in the often seen P5+1, - are also members of the UN Human Rights Council.  The USA and Germany stand down in 2015, the rest in 2016 whilst at the same time, the Iranian regime's ability to cause economic havoc to Western energy security has never been lower.  So now is the time to assist the BPCIF and other Parliamentarians pursue this UN Security Council resolution.

We would like to ask you to write to your MP and to ask them to ask the UK Government to refer Iran's abysmal human rights record to the UN Security Council for punitive measures and prosecutions of regime's rulers including the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in an international tribunal, for decades of systematic human rights violations.  You might consider making the point that since 2008 all 6 General Assembly Resolutions, all 7 Reports, and of course the 5 attacks on Camps Liberty and Ashraf, have been entirely ignored by the Khamenei regime.

Can you write as soon as you have 2 minutes, it really is quick through the website.

Thank you.

Link for Freedom.
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