The Link For Freedom Foundation campaigns to assist Iranian supporters of the third way, achieve peaceful democratic change for the better in Iran. These organisations are in turn supported by International Parliamentarians, current and former Ambassadors, and Military Organisations familiar with events on the ground in Iran and the wider Middle East.
Nov 12 2014
Camp Liberty and the delay in bringing back the pre-agreed 52

Camp Liberty and the delay in bringing back the pre-agreed 52

Can we ask if you can write urgently to your MP

The deadline for an agreement, or no agreement, between the Iranian regime and the P5 +1 is 24th November 2014.
Powerful lobbying by the former head of the IAEA's Department of Safeguards, Olli Heinonen, has sharply put the focus of the success of these talks on strict verification of the regime's nuclear program.

We are very concerned that the regime are actively considering harming the Camp Liberty residents in an attempt to wrest some sort of agreement with the P5 + 1 whereby sanctions are eased, and the intense pressure on nuclear verification is reduced.  This weekend the regime's puppet Iraqi army brought back and set up the loudspeaker trucks as they had done at Ashraf.

Can you write to your MP to ask them to urgently call upon Foreign Minister for Iraq, Tobial Ellwood, and UK Home Office's minister James Brokenshire to re-admit the UK 52.

Can we ask if when you have written, for those adept at Twitter, that you send out a tweet using the hashtags #fco and #CampLiberty.

When you enter your postcode below, you will see an email you can edit and send to your MP, you'll see their name is already shown, or copy and paste our words into MS Word or other word program, and print and send a letter.

Please act now.
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